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The 2020 Levi Strauss & Co. sustainability report showcases our commitment and approach to sustainability, along with our priorities and performance results in three areas: Climate, Consumption and Community.


We’re on track to meet our science-based targets for reducing GHG emissions in our owned-and-operated facilities and our global supply chain, and meeting our renewable electricity targets — all by 2025.


In 2020,?83%?of our cotton — our most used raw material — came from more sustainable sources, and we expanded our efforts toward a circular economy.


By the end of 2020,?LS&Co. suppliers had active?Worker Well-being?offerings at?118?sites?where more than?195,400?employees worked, fostering?improvements in engagement, satisfaction and absenteeism.

Welcome to the LS&Co. Sustainability Report, which covers our 2020 environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance as well as related events affecting our company and our stakeholders during the year.

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